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"Rock on!" - Ok God, I got it.

Those of you who know me deeply, know that I have had a long and personal relationship with our Creator. He has periodically played an active role in my life. In those thin places, where you are drawn to pause, where you dream, I have been touched, called, and pushed. This whole weekend has felt sprinkled with thin moments of grace and gratitude.

As I was driving this morning to join my mother for our weekly walk, Lulu Garcia-Navarro was interviewing Alice Cooper on his latest album, and she closed the segment with something like, "And of course, Rock On!". Time stopped in that moment, and I felt this calling to, "Yes, Melissa - Rock On. It is time." Immediately I felt the joy, hope, enthusiasm, perseverance, and passion of "Rock ON!" Yeah! After a year of #covid, #homeschooling, painful unexpected divorce, #singlemom, Yeah! That feels right. Break free, LIVE! ROCK ON! It feels like we all need to "Rock On!" It feels like that should be the theme of #2021.

Shortly thereafter, on our walk, we were blessed by the first glimpse of Spring, - which for me is always a moment of God's grace and a sign of hope - YOU'VE made it through! Spring is here! ROCK ON!

Upon arriving home, I was greeted by music literally spilling out of the seams of the house, as my eldest daughter was up, baking breakfast, and Abba was BLARING - Dancing Queen - (Actually it was the #MamaMia Soundtrack.)

Right then and there, we had a dance party - got our best 80's groove on. Me, all sweaty from the walk, She, in her lama onsie pj's, ROCK ON!

Struck by the poetry of these moments thus far, I sat down for the #Lectionary reading of the week; I found myself pausing again in prayer and gratitude - Psalm 19. Yes. "The firmament declares His handiwork", "runs its course with joy", yes. yes. The whole Psalm. ROCK ON!

So may it be with each of you, as we see the glimpses of hope to a future beyond, may you too be filled with joy, passion, music, gratitude and grace. May you ROCK ON!

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