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"Good as can be expected"

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

People often, particularly of late, ask how I'm doing. As we approach the entrance to year 3 from when my life was -well, I want to say 'upended' but that feels too dramatic-, this seems to be a question on many people's minds. And that's been my response - "Well, as good as can be expected, I think?!"

Good as can be expected - Children are healthy and seem to be thriving in their own developmental journeys (LOTS of teenage emotions :D); challenging job; healthy, goof ball puppers; lovely home; amazing friends; gorgeous Oregon - - And yet, dang, if I didn't think I would be "further along" in my recovery as we enter this 3rd year. Two years done - timelines are a fluid, but it was winter of '20 when my partner asserted he didn't want to

be married anymore and by Spring - the unweaving of 23 yrs was in full flight. Two years ago.

If you had asked me in '20 after I understood what was happening - what will '22 look like? I would have expected a bit different. Ok - a lot different. Broader circles of friends, more activities, travel, finding a good partner - more laughter, more life.

But here's the thing - I've always been one who believes deeply - 'being' is significantly about mindset - so why am I just "as good as can be expected"? My grand hypothesis (ok, not so grand) is the only reason I'm not "great" is the preconceived notion of where I *should be*. And THAT is - well - not a word fit for print. :P

So - How am I? I'm FANTASTIC! I have a healthy crew, am deeply loved by friends and family, privileged to serve an amazing company with an awesome job. I'm curious how this reframe will sit with time; how it might impact other aspects of my life as well. Stay tuned! We will see!

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