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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Last month I shared a post from Ree Drummond of a Christmas Rum Cake. This cake has been a favorite of bad @$$ women of every church I've had the pleasure of supporting in the role of Pastor's Wife. I had to acknowledge though that my role had changed. Now I am a "Former Pastor's Wife" - and you know? I am A.OK. with that, but I feel like I have lessons learned from 23 yrs. It turns out I was not your "average" pastor's wife - shocking I'm sure! I learned that though through trying to be "the good Pastor's wife", then deciding that was NOT my role - not what God was calling me to. The path I carved, the gifts I gave, the lessons I've learned are a bit #nontraditional. I learned how to easily host meals for 40, I learned how to cultivate an intimate community within a church, I learned how to help kids not succumb to the pressures and expectations of those at the church. Expect to hear more about #formerpastorswife lessons learned and best recipes to easily feed a crowd as time evolves. Do you have lessons learned from a past life's role? Role you inherited based on who you married? Do share!

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