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Covid Shoes

Not Covid Toes - We had those too. But Covid Shoes.

Covid Shoes - n. a collection of shoes that you recognize you will no longer wear either because your life, values or circumstance has changed so radically due to Covid that have no need for them - so you give them away.

I have been the recipient of 4 sets of covid shoes at this point. Super cute - barely used - ranging from gorgeous gray snakeskin pumps, to casual black leather flats, to playful little Tom's wedges. So many cute pairs of shoes that I've taken over what was my husband's side of the closet with all these treasures!

I've been ruminating about these shoes - they tell stories. Of a woman retired, a bit faster than desired, due to Covid. Of a woman whose body, used to wearing her joggers for the last 2 yrs, will not tolerate the discomfort of pumps. Of a woman mourning the loss of church, and unlikely to go back post covid - no need to get dressed up anymore! Of a woman, who after 2 yrs of having the freedom of working from home, has zero desire to ever need to get dressed up to "go into the office". Of a woman reconciling herself to a different life, and life balance, and paycheck, after these last 2 yrs.

And of me - the willing recipient of this cuteness - who has every intention of needing prudent flats, pumps that communicate just the right balance of power and sexy, summer strappy wedges for the day that I finally meet a guy to go have fun with.

Those of you who know me - know I like shoes. I never was one of *those* women - but I had my fair share of shoes. I have these cute red, high heels with a bold bow, made of red fine wale corduroy - that I loved. I wore them to church once, and a man - he will remain nameless - told me that his mom would roll over in her grave if she knew "the pastor's wife" wore those to church. Dang straight, sir! Like God doesn't like red heels?!

There's been so much written of the generational impact Covid is having on women in the workforce. There's been much written on the shift in retirement ages/outlooks since covid. And then of course, much written of the re-evaluation of what is important, where we place our time, how much we invest, and what is it worth. But in the end - at the end of the statistics is a person - a person who is making life changing choices - a person who now doesn't need a bunch of frivolous shoes.

And these are serious issues. Serious issues of generational wealth, of life choices, of large consequence. And I, in my corner of this universe, am doing what I can to help, reach folks who felt forced into choices they now hope to unwind.

But then there's me and these shoes - their willing hostess; whose life has so radically changed - and yet not that much. Still providing for 4, still striving, growing, learning. And yet - these new shoes, they are dormant - I do not need them yet. They are in stasis. waiting. a portend of a life ahead. pregnancy of expectation of the who, what, when, where. We will see, my little covid shoes. Thank you for your service before. I am waiting with you, on what our next chapter holds.

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