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Advent 2020 - Waiting has new meaning

In this time of Advent, of long nights, solstice, I have been meditating on the heavy days of the 9th month of pregnancy, the waiting, the expectation, your body breaking under the weight of carrying this extra person, the tension between relishing these moments - knowing they are quickly coming to an end, and wanting this person out NOW!! ~~~ and so we sit - we wait. While 2020 was marked with isolation and fear, 2021 may be marked with waiting, expectation. For many it will be a yearlong Advent. So, I've been trying to reframe around how to relish this time, knowing it will end. Acknowledging and extending grace to myself that I want it done NOW. Trusting we WILL recover, return to our new normal. May you and yours find joy and moments in this awaiting. - Originally published to Facebook 12/23/20 #Advent #covid19 #vaccine

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