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This site is an opportunity for reflections on the journey, inviting conversation, and engaging as a Certified Executive Coach.


The principle of tensegrity grabbed my imagination in college - an engineering and architecture principle that is built upon amazingly strong, delicate structures built by embracing opposing forces, rather than fighting things like gravity.  The tension between members provides counter tension on others.  
As life unfolded, this principle continued to engage my imaginiation - not in structural engineering - but in the beauty created by holding norms and cultural forces in tension; making intentional choices to self define things like motherhood, female in engineering, executive in technology.  The list continues to grow.

Abstract view of a tensegrity bridge.jpg


As a technology leader,  I have worked for 3 corporations, across 3 states, in a myriad of jobs from Corporate Strategy, front line emergency responder to managing large global engineering organizations.  However, as an executive coach, questioner, parent, community member, I didn't have many outlets for reflection, community and outreach.  This site is dedicated to those pursuits.  I'm parent of 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 lizard and usually have at least 3 others at the dinner table on any night.  I delight in others, their laughter, their successes, their journeys.  This informs my leadership deeply.  I also am a reflective and inquisitive soul - giving time to listen and learn.

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